Rohingya Community Ireland meets UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon

By Hichael Rashid, Rohingya Community Ireland “The world is with you, I am with you.”, said Ban Ki-Moon. As Republic of Ireland celebrates its 60th anniversary of the United Nations membership, UN secretary-general met the members of resettled communities from five different countries – Burma (also known as Myanmar), Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the […]

Rohingya Trafficking Crisis

By Hichael Rashid, Rohingya Community Ireland (RCI) Why are Rohingya leaving Myanmar (Burma)? Despite Rohingya being the natives of Arakan (aka Rakhine state) in the western part of Burma, they have faced and continuously facing various discrimination, prosecution and laws that deny and defy the very existence of Rohingya as the natives and genuine citizens of […]