Tipperary’s ‘Flying nun’ named Volunteer of the Year

By Damian Cullen Sr Patricia Wall received the Christine Buckley award in Sligo Sr Patricia Wall has been named Volunteer of the Year at the Volunteer Ireland Awards for her dedication to a local community in Co Tipperary. Sr Patricia is known to many as the “Flying Nun” for skydiving aged 75 to raise funds for Aware and her local […]

Letter to Pope Francis from a former Rohingya Refugee

POPE FRANCIS Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City Dear Pope Francis, On behalf of Rohingya community, I am writing to you with my great humbleness in regards to your visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh, and situations of the community. You once said, “Life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right.” On your auspicious […]

Myanmar accused of wiping out secret network of Rohingya reporters

Human rights groups fear military has disappeared or killed undercover journalists to starve the world of news about persecution in Rakhine state Reporters working inside Myanmar’s Rakhine state to document atrocities against Rohingya have gone missing, raising fears that they have been deliberately targeted by the military. Young Rohingya volunteers had been secretly reporting on persecution of […]

Jamalida Rafique had an interviews

My 9 years old daughter Jamalida Rafique had an interview on RTE yesterday, to express what she feels embracing two culture, fitting into the inclusive Irish society and seeking education. She is involved in UNICEF’s #Uprooted Campaign to bring the important needs of refugee children. She was only 8 months old when we are brought to Ireland from Kutupalong […]

Ongoing military operation in Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar

BRIEFING Ongoing military operation in Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar The Myanmar Military launched a massive offensive military operation against Rohingya civilians after an unknown assailant group attacked three location including Border Guard Police Command centre in Kyi Kan Pyin in the early morning of October 9. Although the government officials announced in a press […]

Stand with Rohingya refugees

Rohingya Community Ireland expresses gratitude towards Irish Society for welcoming the community in Ireland from Bangladesh refugee camps in 2009. Many of their families [along with over 200,000 Rohingya refugees] still remain in the camps in the state of despair without collective response of the world for over 25 years since fleeing persecutions in Burma.

A boundless Journey – M Rafique

By M Rafique Carlow, Ireland: People often say the sky’s the limit. For someone born and raised in a confined environment with countless discriminatory policies and lows, there is a little in every step taken towards the journey of freedom equality. Fleeing Burma’s military operation in 1992 at the age of 10 with my family, […]

Nekkar Maa

Nekkar Maa Boudoli zagói, Musúlman ór maa hámilor óttot. Hámicá Quran foré, Uggwá nekkar fuallá. Allahr tú magir uggwá ajór. Cúndor uggwá zehón fua óiye, duk biakkún foórái zagói, aró ekkán cúndor nam de. foóila Azan di zindigi ré cúru gorá, uggwá naás arde ustat or dhoilla hámicá dháke táke. Maa ye Quran oré forí […]

Rohingya Men and Women’s Group Art Project

The adult men and women of the Rohingya community, originally from Burma, resettled in Carlow in June 2009 as part of the UNHCR resettlement programme. This art project focuses primarily on their culture and journey to Ireland. Through the project, which ran for six weeks, many beautiful pieces of work were created. The sessions offered […]

Arakanese Rohingya at intercultural exchange event in Carlow

Carlow, Ireland: The Carlow County Development Board organized an “intercultural exchange event” for Arakanese Rohingya refugees in the second week of December at Seven Oaks Hotel, according to an Arakanese Rohingya refugee, Mohamed Rafique from Carlow. The officials of the Carlow County Development Board warmly welcomed a group of 13 families from the Arakanese Rohingya […]