Rohingya ‘Voting Right’ Campaign

Rohingya, one of the world most persecuted people in the world, are a native Muslim minority group from Arakan state of Burma (Myanmar) who have lived peacefully and enjoyed the rights of being the natives of Arakan. They are not only forced towards statelessness in their own land, and also forced to be the major […]

Dublin Protest Against Crimes against Rohingya In Arakan

Dublin, Ireland: We are very grateful to all who are here to support and stand side by side and hand in hand against the crimes being committed in a relatively unknown place called Arakan in western part of Burma, a place where the world most persecuted people, Rohingya are living for hundreds of years, a place where birth rights […]

Rohingya Community Ireland Demonstration in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland: Rohingya Community Ireland held a demonstration in Dublin in front of both British and Australian Embassies on 24th August.  The demonstration was jointly organized by Burma Action Ireland and Bangladesh community in Ireland with the primary reason of showing the concern over the 16th July attack on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The attacked occurred […]

Burma’s military regime ensure their hold on power 3 years after Burmese monks’ protests

Dublin, Ireland : On Wednesday 22 September, members and supporters of Burma Action Ireland gathered at the traffic island on O’Connell Bridge, in the centre of Dublin to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Burma’s Saffron Revolution. The commemoration marked the bravery and courage of hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors and Buddhist monks who were subjected […]