Stand with Rohingya refugees

Rohingya Community Ireland expresses gratitude towards Irish Society for welcoming the community in Ireland from Bangladesh refugee camps in 2009. Many of their families [along with over 200,000 Rohingya refugees] still remain in the camps in the state of despair without collective response of the world for over 25 years since fleeing persecutions in Burma.

Nekkar Maa

Nekkar Maa Boudoli zagói, Musúlman ór maa hámilor óttot. Hámicá Quran foré, Uggwá nekkar fuallá. Allahr tú magir uggwá ajór. Cúndor uggwá zehón fua óiye, duk biakkún foórái zagói, aró ekkán cúndor nam de. foóila Azan di zindigi ré cúru gorá, uggwá naás arde ustat or dhoilla hámicá dháke táke. Maa ye Quran oré forí […]

Rohingya Men and Women’s Group Art Project

The adult men and women of the Rohingya community, originally from Burma, resettled in Carlow in June 2009 as part of the UNHCR resettlement programme. This art project focuses primarily on their culture and journey to Ireland. Through the project, which ran for six weeks, many beautiful pieces of work were created. The sessions offered […]