A boundless Journey – M Rafique

By M Rafique Carlow, Ireland: People often say the sky’s the limit. For someone born and raised in a confined environment with countless discriminatory policies and lows, there is a little in every step taken towards the journey of freedom equality. Fleeing Burma’s military operation in 1992 at the age of 10 with my family, […]

The Rohingya Find a Place to Call Home

By Hichael Rashid, Rohingya Community Ireland Carlow: Finding a home for people who have spent their whole lives in limbo is harder than finding a needle in a hay-stack. The Rohingya community of Ireland has found a place they can proudly call home in Carlow. The community has had a long rough journey of around 8,000 […]

Rohingya Community Ireland Takes Part in The Diversity Day

Ireland: Rohingya Community Ireland participated in The Celebration of Diversity organized by Carlow Integration Forum on 26th September 2015.   The Celebration took place at Community Garden in Carlow (91km from Dublin) to share the unique background and diversity of various communities residing in the town. Twenty nationalities proudly joined hands in hands to mark […]

Rohingyas lives in Carlow are a far cry from persecution in Burma

THAT first night they huddled together in one room, sleeping on the floor despite the availability of beds … they had never slept in a bed before and didn’t know how to start. Carlow was a world away from their home of plastic huts, limited food supply, no free movement and no civil rights. It […]

I was a Refugee too – M Rafique

I am Mohammed Rafique, one of the Rohingya refugees who were re-settled with other 78 members of Rohingya in Carlow, Ireland with the resettlement program of UNHCR & Irish government, for which I shall remain ever grateful for their kind supports toward Rohingya. I was born in Burma, but I grew up in Bangladesh refugee […]

Rohingya Community Ireland meets UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon

By Hichael Rashid, Rohingya Community Ireland “The world is with you, I am with you.”, said Ban Ki-Moon. As Republic of Ireland celebrates its 60th anniversary of the United Nations membership, UN secretary-general met the members of resettled communities from five different countries – Burma (also known as Myanmar), Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the […]

Rohingya Trafficking Crisis

By Hichael Rashid, Rohingya Community Ireland (RCI) Why are Rohingya leaving Myanmar (Burma)? Despite Rohingya being the natives of Arakan (aka Rakhine state) in the western part of Burma, they have faced and continuously facing various discrimination, prosecution and laws that deny and defy the very existence of Rohingya as the natives and genuine citizens of […]

Rohingya ‘Voting Right’ Campaign

Rohingya, one of the world most persecuted people in the world, are a native Muslim minority group from Arakan state of Burma (Myanmar) who have lived peacefully and enjoyed the rights of being the natives of Arakan. They are not only forced towards statelessness in their own land, and also forced to be the major […]

Nekkar Maa

Nekkar Maa Boudoli zagói, Musúlman ór maa hámilor óttot. Hámicá Quran foré, Uggwá nekkar fuallá. Allahr tú magir uggwá ajór. Cúndor uggwá zehón fua óiye, duk biakkún foórái zagói, aró ekkán cúndor nam de. foóila Azan di zindigi ré cúru gorá, uggwá naás arde ustat or dhoilla hámicá dháke táke. Maa ye Quran oré forí […]

Excellence in Local Government Awards

The 2012 Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards were held last night in The Burlington Hotel, Dublin. Now in their ninth year, the awards showcase best practice in local government and highlight some of the great projects that local authorities are undertaking. The Awards are judged by a panel of expert judges working in […]